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#outofblue – from tweets to literature

First there was a tweetup of an exhibition that never existed. Now exists the literary text „Engelvariationen“ (angel variations) developed out of the tweets.

„Engelvariationen“ (in German) exists digital as „image“ and in a print version as poster (DIN A1). For reading: click the picture twice. Or use the pdf: Engelvariationen

To get a deeper understanding of the text take its conceptual development into account:

A tweetup of an exhibition that never existed
This tweetup was specifically designed and arranged in the „Haus der Kunst“ (an internationally recognized contemporary art museum in Munich)
in order to turn the resulting tweets into literature. The participants tweeted about a piece of artwork they selected in their minds. There was a colorful mix of selected art works ranging from Paul Klee to Günther Uecker, Paul Kos, Roni Horn, Kazimir Malevich, Jean Dubuffet, Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Thomas Ruff and Marc Chagall.

The subject of this non-existent exhibition was „abstraction“ and that was what we did: we practiced abstraction. We experienced how abstraction actually works. This was an exhausting, but stunning experience (as mentioned by participants).

From tweets to literature
From the 1,000 posted tweets with the hashtag #outofblue, I developed a literary text. Just by selecting, shortening, arranging and repeating the tweets. Without adding any kind of text written by myself. Of course, also the title of the text was taken from a tweet:  „Engelvariationen“ (angel variations) – nothing could be more appropriate for a text, which deals with abstraction. Because the text, just like the event in the „Haus der Kunst“, is designed to experience abstraction. The text is not a documentation of the tweetup as such, but rather an exercise of abstraction. It calls for adventure. This might be exhausting, but promises a stunning experience. Enjoy!

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